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Bachelorette Party 2016

Bachelorette Party for Bride in Troy On 06/25/2016 
image Testimonial Quote Best Dancer ever! My sister was so surprise and so happy, it was really a night to remember for her. Testimonial Quote
Thanks; Neisha 

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Above and Beyond

Girls Night Out for Everyone in Attendance in Beverly Hills On 10/17/2015
unnamed Testimonial Quote My EI party hosts made the party! I only had in mind that they would greet guests and serve food, but after non-pressuring inquiry, they also danced a couple of numbers. I'm grateful that they were amenable to meeting the customer's request. They went above and beyond what was required and brought the "Magic" to the party and were truly "Spectacular"...those were their names by the way, Mr. Magic and Mr. Spectacular. The dancing was done very tastefully, but still sexy and entertaining, and both gentlemen were great hosts, working hard serving drinks, showing awesome personality mingling with guests, and just being nice gentlemen. Thank you EI. Mr. Magic & Mr. Spectacular were perfect! Testimonial Quote
Thanks; Kenyata

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Mr. Erotic’s 50 Shades of Grey Act Was Quite Eroitc

Bachelorette Party for Luna in Warren, MI On 11/24/2013 
Mr. Erotic Testimonial Quote This was the second time I've ordered Mr. Erotic, but this time I requested he dress up as a business executive and to re-enact a fantasy from 50 shades of grey. He did just that, it was jaw dropping just like in the book. We all asked him if he had read the book because it was just to real. My girlfriends and I still talk about it every time we get together. We will order him again because he's such a ham! Testimonial Quote
 Thanks; Jordan Lewinsky 

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Pure Romance Party with Men in Motion Party Bundle

Bachelorette Party for Joan in East Pointe, MI On 06/29/2013 
testimonial15 Testimonial Quote Thank you Erotic Image for the sexy Men in Motion. I got the two hunk special it was the best deal around. I got my top choices for both hunks and they take care of us like gentlemen. We wanted it to be Wild and they made sure to bring it up a notch. I had the sexy Mr. Erotic with his 50 Shades of Grey routine and Mr. Sin Diesel to kick it off. Both did a great job and I will be using your services again very soon!! Testimonial Quote
Thanks; Jena Roberts-Filla 

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Mr. Casanova Was Definetly Cute, Sexy and So Alpha

Bachelorette Party for Amy in Sterling Hts, MI On 12/07/2012 
Mr. Casanova Testimonial Quote We were hesitant about ordering a stripper and my mother recommended Erotic Image and swore they were the best around. So I ordered a stripper for Amy's bachelorette party and she picked Mr. Casanova. We were all surprised that the guy we picked was the guy that showed up. Mr. Casanova was amazing, cute, clean cut, alpha and fun! Testimonial Quote
 Thanks; Lisa Dabish 

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