Above the Rest - Detroit Male Strippers 

The best Detroit male stripper entertainment agency In Michigan. Made in Detroit and based in Southeast Michigan, the Incredible Hunks of Men in Motion dancers are above the rest in their class. They're incredibly sexy, in their prime, and good looking. The male strippers of Men in Motion know what it means to work as a team. With their friendly competition, the guys push each other to be the best. The hunks of Men in Motion provide the classiest exotic male entertainment around! Whether they are on tour, showing off their dance moves live at a ladies Male Revue Show, or as male strippers performing for bachelorette parties, the strippers of MIM continuously strive to perform shows that are far beyond any of their kind in Metro Detroit. What makes Men in Motion stand out above the rest? The continued hard work in a dance studio perfecting their exotic dance moves, learning new choreographed routines, and extensive hours of male revue rehearsals.  This is why the incredible hunks of the Men in Motion of Detroit blow any and all of their competition away!

  Mission Possible - Detroit Male Strippers 

There is no mission too impossible for the incredible hunks of Men in Motion. Our male strippers are amazing, sexy, determined hunks that always go above and beyond to give it their all. They know how to treat women like ladies, while also knowing how to tease and tantalize them in every way! The male dancers and the male strippers always provide the highest quality of service that is made to order, from mild to wild, or classy to exotic.  They are available for mild entertainment at a birthday party, or wild entertainment at a bachelorette party. The strippers of Men in Motion provide male dancers or male stripper entertainment for nightclubs, private parties, bachelorette parties, live male revues, and other public events at a vast variety of different party venues. We service Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and neighboring Counties. Often our guys will travel to parties outside of our service area for an additional travel fee. Just ask! Our hunks travel to homes, hotels, halls, offices, restaurants, clubs, limo buses, and even hospitals throughout the Metro Detroit and outlying areas. Whatever your entertainment needs, we have the right guy for you! Whether you are hiring one stripper or six exotic male dancers, you can rest assured that their main objective and is to please!

  Looking Ahead - Detroit Male Strippers 

Men In Motion's bachelorette party strippers of have been servicing Michigan's southeast counties for over 27 years. We always ask the male dancers for ideas, concepts, and trends on what's hot and what's not. Our goal is to always grow, to better our service, provide new products, and create new acts. We are built to last, just like our Hunks of Men In Motion are.  Our male strippers and male dancers have stamina, endurance, and are built to last, so they can do countless lap dances, which can be  strenuous and exhausting.  Our spirited young hunks spend many hours working out at the gym to attain their fabulous and fit physiques that keep them going for hours.  Our stallions are built to outlast their competition and keep on going until the job is finished. What can you look ahead to, or expect from our male strippers and exotic dancers? You will not be disappointed. We have done thousands of parties and would like to continue to do more! So what are you waiting for? Let your party experience the magic of the Incredible Hunks Of Men in Motion LIVE!


Live Action Shots

Live action shots of our Michigan Strippers performing at parties and events can be seen below. When it comes to Male Revues, we service the entire state of Michigan. Michigan male strippers by Men In Motion have been servicing Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan for over 27 years. The Incredible Hunks of Men In Motion photos below were taken at private party venues and public places. When the male strippers kick off their state tour we don't leave a single town behind.  So if you are interested in bringing some live action to your rural region let us know and pictures of your event could end up here. Feel free to browse through our party picture galleries and see why Men In Motion are the most desired Michigan male strippers. We are so lucky to have this incredible group of guys as part of our entertainment line up.

Bachelorette Party Strippers
 50 Shades of Fun - Bachelorette Party Stripper Fantasies

Detroit Bachelorette Party Strippers - Try out our 50 Shades of Fun costumes! We know women have plenty of fantasies. Now you can make your wildest fantasy come alive by selecting almost any costume imaginable for our hot hunks to wear to your party! Has she always wanted to be arrested by a sexy police officer for her naughty transgressions, or seduce a powerful business executive into taking off his clothes? With us you can make any and all of these deepest, darkest, and wildest fantasies come to life for her! Costumes can also accentuate any party theme from toga parties, era themes, and Hawaiian luaus. You name it, and we'll make 

 it come to life. Or play a prank on a friend and send a pizza delivery hunk to your friends door or office.  Last, but certainly not least, you can't forget about the lawless cowboy, the hot fireman, the sweaty construction worker, or that naughty business executive. By adding one of sinfully sexy 50 Shades of Fun costumes to your order you can play out her favorite fantasy! The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild and come up with a hot theme to surprise her with!

Home Parties - Bachelorette Party Strippers at a Home 

Detroit Bachelorette Party Strippers - Home parties are one of our most common types of parties. Parties at your house offer the most intimate and private setting for you and your friends to enjoy. Not only do they offer more privacy, but they allow you to control and customize your party in any way you like.  Also, you will know that everyone in your party is safe for the night and is in one place. Additionally, all the dancer's attention with solely be fixated on your party and not other bystanders! Thus, home parties allow for greater intimacy between your party, guest of honor, and the sexy exotic dancers! Home parties are more cost effective and can save 

you money by encouraging your party guests to bring a dish for a pot luck theme.  Push the envelope further and have your guests bring a bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage. Don't forget donations at the door to cover any other costs associated with putting on a great bachelorette party. These bachelorette party ideas are a just few suggestions to throwing an amazing home party with a male stripper coming directly to your house!

Hotel Parties - Bachelorette Party Strippers at a Hotel 

Detroit Bachelorette Party Strippers - Hotel Parties can be a great place to throw a party! Hotels like the MGM Grand Detroit Casino, Motor City Casino and Greektown Casino Hotel offer a wide variety of party entertainment that you and your party can choose to enjoy anytime, without having to leave the hotel area or drive! That's right, you don't have to worry about driving anywhere or the hassle of calling an Uber! They have their own nightclubs, bars, restaurants, spas, and casinos right at your fingertips. If you order an exotic dancer they can come right to your hotel suite for a private party, to start or end the night with a bang. One of the best benefits

about throwing a hotel party is that you don't have any mess to clean up in the morning! Most hotels in the Detroit area will allow bachelorette parties and male strippers without any problems. If your bachelorette party guest list is more then 20 people you might consider reserving adjoining suites. Choose a hotel that's centralized for all your bachelorette party guests and the male stripper.

Limo Parties - Bachelorette Party Strippers on a Limo Bus 

Detroit Bachelorette Party Strippers - Limo or party bus parties are perfect for those parties who want to be mobile but don't want the hassle or worry of driving through the night. Additionally, you don’t have to be limited to just one venue. Renting a limo or party bus is like combining a bar, nightclub, and limo into one fun party package! You can have the best of all worlds! Start the night off in a restaurant, brewery, or sporting event, followed by some casino and/or nightclub club action. The limo buses range between accommodating typically anywhere from 15 to 40 passengers. Some bus amenities include (but not limited to): flat screens,

dance poles, hardwood flooring, and exotic lighting. If you want a male stripper on your party bus, you just need to designate a meeting spot where he can hop on. The best shows are typically performed if the bus is not moving. Hit up all the Detroit hot spots with a party bus and drink all you want. Our male strippers have performed hundreds of bachelorette parties on a limo bus and designating a rendezvous to meet up is what we do best.

Nightclub Parties - Bachelorette Party Strippers at a Nightclub 

Detroit Bachelorette Party Strippers - Night club parties can be a blast! Pick out the best and sexiest club in town and party the night away in your own private VIP section for just you and your guests. The spot light will be on the guest of honor and your party the whole night. Make the other women of the club even more jealous by hiring one or more of the sexiest Detroit male strippers from The Men in Motion for a sure crowd pleaser! The stripper can come to your own private room, designated area, or VIP section. Your party will definitely be the talk of the whole nightclub, ensuring the ladies a wild night that they will always remember! The 

bachelorette should also be made to wear a veil, and be adorned with as much male genitalia add-ons as possible. Most clubs in Detroit offer specials for bachelorette parties. Discounted or free admission, drink and food comps, private rooms, and many other amenities are often available for big bachelorette parties. Remember, this is her last night out as a single lady, so make sure she gets all the attention she deserves and make it a night she'll never forget or regret by hiring a male stripper.